What March Looked Like

So… Today is March 31st. That happened kinda quickly… I’m going to spare you the hows and whys of a accidental blogging break and redirect you to this post: thriving vs. surviving. Let’s just stay we’re still working through all that.

But. But! Spring is coming! Spring is here! Then spring goes away and is a horrid tease… But I have faith it will stick at some point. Like this week, my weather app says it will not get below 40 degrees and the highs will occasionally be in the 70s! Sounds like spring to me! I am hoping and praying that a change in season is just what this blogger needs. Especially a season that encourages getting up, being outside, doing things, and a good dose of deep cleaning. Hear, hear!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some things I’ve been doing these past weeks. You know, in case you were curious…

Listening to (Music): There are currently 4 real-live, actual CDs in my car… Brand new ones at that! Meghan Trainor, Into the Woods, Peter, Paul, and Mommy Too!, and The Lone Bellow. All of which I love and recommend. (But as with all recommendations, don’t hate me if you don’t like it or think it is responsible for the moral degradation of society…) In general, I have been in a huge Peter, Paul, and Mary kick. Which was only further solidified when my Grama sent me the children’s album they did that I remember listening to as a kid with her. It’s a concert, so now I have the VHS and the CD. Good stuff.

Listening to (Podcasts): I’ve been loving podcasts while I knit. It helps me focus on knitting better than TV shows and therefore helps me work faster. In the first part of this month, I was bouncing around between Elise Gets Crafty, Here’s the Thing, Fresh Air, and occasional other random ones I found. Then, about ten days ago, I discovered Pop Culture Happy Hour. Since then, I have listened to approximately 50 episodes… Suffice to say I am a tad obsessed. But it’s so good! It’s four people talking about pop culture in really sophisticated and articulate ways that aren’t too fancy or pretentious. I am excited that I still have about 150 episodes to listen to, but I dread the day (which will apparently happen sometime next week…) when I run out. It is just so good.

You know what? I think I’ll save the other things I’ve been doing for another post. That way I don’t include all my ideas at once. Spread things out a bit… How’s that sound? Instead, I’ll give you some random pictures of my life recently.

I learned to make Grama’s Mac and Cheese after many, many years of being scared to try:
It snowed… a lot. And then it snowed again. And then it snowed once more. It was fun.. and then it was not. So I’m glad we’re moving past that!


My mom came to visit! We went thrift shopping, ate lots of yummy food, avoided a snow storm just barely, and then my dear husband played her in basketball:


Speaking of thrift shopping, here are a few of my recent favorite finds. A kitchen island and a Disneyland candy bowl:

IMG_0683 IMG_0721

I decided that maybe spring would come if I cut my hair… It kinda worked. As a loyal blog reader, you get to see not one, but two awkward selifes! Before… and After!

IMG_0771 IMG_0778

This is a pile of cotton yarn I ordered recently. Expect lots of dishcloths and housewarming gifts sets to appear in Glittering Eyes Studio Shop soon!


Speaking of the Glittering Eyes Studio shop, I also have more fun vintage things to list and a few things to re-list. Since this week is going to be sunny and warm, I think I can manage a photo shoot or two. So be on the lookout for that!

Tune in next time to read about what I’ve been reading (a lot!), what we’ve been planting (a lot!), and maybe some more photos. See you then!

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