February So Far

As my dear Grama so nicely pointed out, I didn’t blog last week… I fear I am having a bit of blogger’s block these days. My days are full of random activities that may or may not actually be “blog worthy” and I often don’t take my camera with me as I do my chores around the house.

As I sit here thinking about why I have blogger’s block, I think it may have to do with the difference between living and thriving. Now obviously I am doing fine: I have a dear husband, a good house, loving family and friends, plenty of things to do around said house, an Etsy shop, books to read, meals to cook… I could go on. But for me personally, I think there is a subtle difference between ” doing fine” and thriving.

When I’m thriving, I can muster up the motivation to work on a sewing project instead of knitting one more dishcloth. When I’m thriving, I write letters to my pen-pals the day the letter comes in instead of 6 weeks later. When I’m thriving, everything is a potential blog post. When I’m thriving, every meal is exciting and adventurous and from Pinterest or my favorite cook books.

I know I talk about rhythms and balance a lot (but I promise not to mention traditions this time!), but I do think one of the big factors in living vs. thriving is rhythms. I need a plan (that’s an understatement). I need structure. Like pretty specific structure. As in Monday is coffee shop reading day, Tuesday is knit all day, Wednesday is work on sewing project day…etc. And I have some of that now (double-punches on the free drink card on Mondays at the local coffee shop certainly helps!) But I need a bit more of that.

Unfortunately, the only thing stopping me here is me. And the only person who can make this happen is…me. Part of it certainly means imposing a plan and sticking to it. And part of it involves taking care of myself, doing the things I know I need to do, to make me a more motivated and balanced person.

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to say (or any more exciting pictures). And please don’t hear this as a complaint or as a negative thing. It’s just a thing. February has been a good month so far. I’ve made some yummy food, read some good books, worked on some birthday gifts, and posted some new dishcloths in my Etsy shop. I’m gearing up for Lent (which begins February 18th), looking for ways to incorporate more candles into my life, inviting new friends into our home for dinner, and keeping up with my current feed-the-family-in-law schedule. I have a plan to make Fridays (or maybe Saturdays) long-term project days where I watch Disney movies and work on the blanket I am making for myself. (And when I type sentences like that, I realize how blessed and lucky I really am!)

Just the simple act of typing this out this morning has given me a few ideas for what to blog about this week… And I just put a few more things in my Etsy shop, so be sure we’ll talk about that!

Life works in ebbs and flows. Motivation and creativity comes and goes. When it leaves for a bit, you just have to keep showing up, keep doing the work, keep making. That’s what I’m doing these days. And soon, inexplicably and unexpectedly, I will wake up one morning and decided that this day is a sewing day. And just like that, I’ll be thriving.

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