Book List Swap 2015

(We really need a better title for this… But that’s all I got for right now. Sorry).

So we’ve already covered how I read a lot of blogs, right? And regularly refer to them in conversations? As in, staring every other sentence with “one of my favorite bloggers…” Because they are all my favorite. But one of my favorite favorites is Sarah Bessey. And about a year ago, she and her husband chose one book per month for each other to read. She blogged about it and the idea stuck in my brain.

This year, my dear husband and I have decided to try the same thing. We each chose 11 books (one for each month except January because we’re both trying to read the Bible through in January) for the other one to read. And much like Sarah Bessey and her husband, our lists are a bit (read: radically) different.


My picks on the left and his picks are on the right. Unsurprisingly, he gets to read a lot of lovely novels, young adult works, and a touch of spiritual memoirs. And I am reading Lonesome Dove and a whole lot of theology. Like… a lot of theology. Which is fine, I do like theology… But my brain is kinda flabby since I haven’t been in school or done anything school oriented for 18ish months. Let’s just say this should be interesting!

I’ll break down the lists for you:

Not pictured in my stack: Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey (fitting…)
I Capture the Castle: Dodie Smith
The Umbrella Man and Other Stories: Roald Dahl
Many Waters: Madeleine L’Engle
Bel Canto: Ann Patchett
A Circle of Quiet: Madeleine L’Engle
Carry On, Warrior: Glennon Doyle Melton
Jacob Have I Loved: Katherine Paterson
Til We Have Faces: C.S. Lewis
Tables in the Wilderness: Preston Yancey
Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell

Basically if there is a book on this list that you haven’t read, you should go read it right now. Each of these I love for various reasons. Some I have loved since high school and other I just read last week. They are all so very good in their own way. So go! Find a copy! Read them!


My dear husband’s list:
Lonesome Dove: Larry McMurtry
War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning: Chris Hedges
Economy of Grace: Katherine Tanner
Foolishness to the Greeks: Leslie Newbigin
Bright’s Passage: Josh Ritter
The Substance of Faith: Clarence Jordan
The Pastor: Eugene Peterson
The Nature of Doctrine: George Lindbeck
Torture and Eucharist: William Cavanaugh
The Peaceable Kingdom: Stanley Hauerwas
Ethics: James McClendon

Oh man. That list is going to be a hard one… But I have heard my dear husband reference these books so much and I know each one of them was really foundational as he read, studied, and thought his way through seminary. (And yes, Lonesome Dove totally counts as foundational. It was the foundation of a year long Larry McMurtry reading spree. Which isn’t a bad spree to go on: his books are super cheap in thrift stores!).

So I’m excited. And a little jealous that my dear husband gets to read all these fabulous books!  It should be an interesting journey for us both and I hope it will lead to many good (and most likely head-ache inducing) conversations. And hopefully we can do it all again next year! (Because let’s be honest: picking 11 books was almost impossible!)

Wish us luck! And if anyone else wants to read along, feel free!

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