5 Things Friday

Some days I wake up, drink my tea, get dressed, work around the house for a bit, do some laundry, make some lunch, and then in the afternoon I watch a few episodes on Netflix while I knit or work on other Etsy shop things.

And some days I wake up, turn on Netflix, and make and watch and make and watch and watch and make. Today is that kind of day. Because it is Friday. And because Rory and Lorelai finally reconciled and I think the end of Logan is near…

Happy Friday, readers! Whether it is a working one or a less-than-working one, at least it is Friday.

5 Things:
1) Discovering new local places to get dinner. Who knew gas station fried chicken was the best in town? (Seriously: so. good.)

2) Finally being able to watch the Black Cauldron as I work through my Disney movies list chronologically. My biggest question is this: did no one working on the film actually have children? Because anyone who has ever been around children would know that many skeletons in an animated film would be way too scary…

3) When friends blog (excited to have a dear high school friend and a dear grad school friend blogging again!)

4) Planning outings with my nieces. Sure, it will be a magical wonderland in my head and reality will be a bit more… realistic, but I do love hanging out with them.

5) Thanksgiving is coming, which means good food (pumpkin bread!), the parade, traditions, and then Christmas time is coming. All these traditions do my ISTJ heart good!

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One Response to 5 Things Friday

  1. Bethany says:

    1) birthday cards drawn by children
    2) grocery shopping for Thanksgiving
    3) finishing revisions on an article
    4) the purple flowers my fiance sent to my office
    5) the prospect of having a house full of people I love next week

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