The Land of Wonder


The Land of Wonder.

Remember that day my sister-in-law, brother-in-law, dear husband, and I went to Ikea? Well, a few weeks ago, we all piled in the car, drove 3 hours, and spent a wonderful afternoon at Ikea. Then we drove the 3 hours home, unloaded the car, and I had a living room full of Ikea boxes. And a guest coming in 36 hours. It was not necessarily our greatest planning moment ever.


My dear husband had some pastor things to attend to, so I decided to put together what furniture I could. In a vision of what my hypothetical single life would look like, I turned on Gilmore Girls, put in a frozen pizza, and began to put the furniture together.

IMG_1431I managed to finish one shelf that night (the siren song of Gilmore Girls was strong…) and worked on the rest of the shelves the next day. (For those of us keeping track, I put together all three shelves and my dear husband put together the wall mounted toy thing I’ll show you in a bit. I was pretty impressed with myself, I must say).

IMG_1436After a quick trip to the hardware store for some screws and some help from my dear husband, we got everything put together, set up, and ready for our guest. Most of the new furniture went into the guest room and is part of my ongoing quest to organize my craft supplies so I can see them and access them easily.

First up: the craft/scrapbooks/eco-friendly book shelf which doubles as a bedside table:




In case you wanted to see what books I have…

Next is a bookshelf that currently houses a really random assortment of books and therefore does not have a clever title…

And then is my favorite shelf: the craft supplies/kids toys shelf.



I love having part of my stash out in the open…

Ooh: I may have lied. I think this impulse buy might be my favorite shelf. We found it in one of the examples of tiny space living. It’s meant to hold shoes, but it works perfectly to hold almost all of the toys we have here for my nieces and nephews.


Note its clever hiding space behind the chair.



Art supplies, dress up clothes, random toys, and my nephew’s vehicles.

It was quite a fun Ikea trip (my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s first trip!) and I am pretty excited with all our new furniture. As my wise best friend mentioned, it is all about the storage! And I will keep buying Ikea furniture as long as they keep offering it in such epic colors… Sounds like I’m in for a life-long relationship!

We have one more medicine cabinet with a mirror to put up in the guest room and then I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking the storage situation a bit. But for now, I’m pretty excited about our shelves.

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