5 Things: Photo Edition

Happy Friday! As I would often say to my friends in college and graduate school, 5 Things go! (If you’re super confused at this point, this may help).

This week, I’m using pictures to show you my 5 Things…


When a dear friend declares a feast day and my dear husband and I celebrate with lunch at our favorite local spot.


Ikea makes me happy. And visiting with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law for the first time makes me even happier!


Putting together Ikea furniture all by myself! And the fact that Ikea loves colors as much as I do…


Sharing coffee with a friend.


Finding treasures for my parents’ shop.

Tag, you’re it! What makes you happy?

P.S. Have you seen my parents’ shop? It’s ridiculously cool. You should check it out at Fun Classic Finds on Etsy.

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