5 Things

(I think I’ve decided to go with Fridays… It has a nice alliterative ring to it: 5 Things Fridays).

This past week was long, grey, and cold. Which meant lots of blankets on the couch, the world’s comfiest sweater made its debut, and I think soup season is finally upon us. It also meant being tired, draggy, and unmotivated to do anything but watch episodes of LOST and knit. So here’s to a sunny weekend, a clean house, and a reason to make soup.

5 Things:
1. The city library system here that has tons and tons of graphic novels.

2. Getting to spend a bit more time sewing. I know practice makes perfect, so I am excited about every minute I get to spend sewing these days.

3. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I love how delightfully British and neurotic all of the characters are. Piglet was always my favorite.

4. The narrative frame of Winnie the Pooh’s movie. (Yes this gets to be a whole separate thing). I love that the narrator talks to and about Pooh and his friends, that the book is a character in and of itself, and that the movie is brilliant enough to have such a clever narrative frame.

5. Potlucks as an opportunity to make dessert that I wouldn’t make for just my dear husband and I. I’m making chocolate delight for our Sunday School picnic Saturday. Score!

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