Around here, Mondays are a day of cleaning up after a weekend of fun. Or a weekend of projects, visits, dinners, football, and other odds and ends. So it was this morning. My dear husband went off to the church office for the day and I stayed home. Here’s what my day looked like:

A view from my desk around 10am:


Lots of laundry on a cloudy day:


Lunch time featuring black bean tacos, homemade placemats, and a good book:

IMG_1282 IMG_1283

Dreaming up some new projects with some old yarn:


One pot pasta for dinner:


Other not-pictured activities include cleaning the kitchen, making a mess of the living room, and lots of episodes of LOST. (Have I mentioned how much I love TV on DVD? It’s a bit of a problem… And don’t even get me started on my Netflix problem!)

Here’s hoping your Monday was equally productive with bits of time for fun. Tomorrow my dear husband and I are off on a random adventure, which I promise to tell you about soon. Also, I’ve finished The Trumpeter of Krakow! I know you all are dying to hear about it so look for a post on that this week too.

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