Holy Hiatus, Batman!

I am currently sitting approximately 1,239 miles away from where I last wrote a blog post. (I looked it up just for you guys). It has been approximately 10 months since I wrote said post. And oh my the things that have have happened in our life since then! We moved (obviously), but not once, not twice, not three, but four times! (Sort of. Texas to Virginia to Georgia to Virginia. Lots of moving). My dear husband graduated seminary, got ordained, and is now a full time pastor here in rural Virginia. He is also farming on the family farm, working with cows, building fences, and whatever else it is that farmers do. We were interns in Georgia for four months. I can’t speak for my dear husband, but I will speak for myself: those were some of the most introspective and important four months I’ve experienced in a long time. Who knew at 25 years old there would still be so much to learn about myself? (Partially just kidding… 25 isn’t very old. I know). I spent a summer nannying some adorable babies, which was great and affirming in my decision to not have any adorable babies of my own any time soon. Our summer was filled with moving and traveling and new jobs and family and settling in. Lots of settling in.

And now it is September. I have decided to remain unemployed through the fall. You see, there are a few things I have always wanted to do, always talked about, always wished and dreamed and secretly planned. But it never seemed the right time. Graduate school, jobs, internships, moving, settling in: these things are good, necessary, and exhausting. Now here I am with none of those things: a free block of time that, to be quite frank, feels like a gift. I do love a good gift. So I am going to take this gift and see what I can do with it.

Which brings us back to this blog. I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed making my dear husband stop at every step in the process of cooking to take pictures. I’ve missed writing about the confusing world of children’s literature in the 1920s. I miss sharing with you the hidden gems of Disney films (I’m looking at you, Latin America propaganda films!).  I’ve missed taking pictures of what I’m crafting and showing you. I’ve missed keeping record of this quirky family we’ve built. I’ve missed sharing 5 things that make me happy and seeing what makes you happy.

I also have a few other secret plans up my sleeve. I honestly don’t have any idea if they will work or not. I’m giving myself from now until December: that is my gift of time. If in December I am miserable, cranky, and generally regard this experiment as a bad idea, then I will move on. But if in December I am energize, excited, inspired, or even just content, I’ll keep going.

Regardless of the other secret projects I have going, I am back here in this space to share with you my curious life. I’m halfway through The Trumpeter of Krakow (Newbery winner 1929). I just finished watching The Aristocats and next up is Robin Hood. (And close by is the 1980s: a time of cult classics, little known favorites, and curious decisions by the animators. I’m pumped). Soup season is fast approaching. As is fall: real, honest-to-goodness fall! Leaves change, apple orchards, corn mazes, pumpkins, sweater weather, and the option to drink hot tea all day long! And, of course, I am a city girl (really, I suppose, a suburban girl) in a teeny, tiny rural area. Let’s just say some days I think my life would make a good sitcom. I feel like I’ll have some adventures to share from adjusting to this beautiful place.

Fall is my favorite season. And blogging is a favorite hobby of mine. As is reading, crafting, watching Disney movies, and over use of ellipses, parentheses and beginning sentences with “so” and “and.” Sounds like the next few months are going to be a match made in heaven. Welcome back, dear readers, to the adventures of our crazy life.

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One Response to Holy Hiatus, Batman!

  1. Megs Craigs says:

    We’ve missed reading your blog and seeing what you’re up to! WE LOVE YOU! I feel like I wasn’t able to truly discover some things about myself until I began having lots of free time to let my soul marinate and see what happened. That’s what allowed my jewelry biz to be born. I am excited to see what God does with your free time! Also if you ever feel the urge to borrow a baby, please come visit and borrow ours when he comes!

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