5 Things: Cold Weather Edition

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but here in this typically warm college town, it is freezing. Quite literally. I informed my dear husband this morning at 8am that as long as there was a snowflake on my weather forecast app, I would not be walking to work. He graciously obliged. Although I’d rather it not be quite this freezing outside, I do enjoy some elements of this early winter.

1) Pulling blankets out of the closet and moving them to the couch to bundle up.

2) Warm drinks when it is cold enough to actually need the warmth.

3) The world’s comfiest sweater. Alternately called the 2nd grade teacher sweater, I have a mini celebration the first time I wear it every year. It is perfectly cozy, bright red, and works for casual or a bit nicer. At least that’s what I tell myself…

4) Soup when it is cold enough to need a warm dinner.

5) Putting the heavy down comforter and the flannel sheets on the bed.

What makes you happy on this chilly Monday evening dear Readers?

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