5 Things: Wedding Edition


Members of my family in our various tricky poses… This started many years ago with just two tricky poses and has been added to since then at every time and place possible!

Last weekend, my dear husband and I got to attend my aunt’s wedding. We got to visit the town I grew up in, see most of my mom’s side of the family, and dance in a conga line that included my grandfather and my small cousins. Suffice to say it was an epic weekend.

Have we talked about my family? I feel like we have a bit… I have a ginormous family. My mom has four siblings, all of whom are now married and most of whom have children. My dad only has one sibling and we lived pretty close to her family almost all of my life.  I have three sets of grandparents and am fairly close to a lot of extended family. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that I have an aunt only 8 years older than I am: she was the closest thing to a big sister I had growing up. I love that I have cousins that are still small, cousins that are in middle school, and cousins that are in high school. I love that I have grandparents in the city and grandparents in the country. I love that I know my family will do anything for me and that we are a close knit bunch. So this week’s 5 Things will be about the wedding weekend with guest appearances by my gigantic family that I have been blessed with.

1) Getting dressed up for weddings. I really love getting all dolled up and there is not a lot of reason to these days. I got to wear my graduation dress again, put on some eyeliner, and even wear earrings!

2) Caesar salad from the Field Club. Best Caesar salad ever.

3) Dancing at weddings. No pressure, no “you should dance with that kid across the gym” awkwardness. Just fun dancing with loved ones. And this wedding included guest appearances by grandparents and small children alike!

4) Being a tourist in my hometown. Especially since my hometown has lots of fun tourist places…

5) Being able to see the bride and groom have fun at their reception. The hard part is over and the fun is just beginning.

Your turn: any exciting events this past week that you’re happy about?

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