5 Things (and yes, I know it is Wednesday…)

Readers, I’ve missed you! I was a bit under the weather last week and the recovery time has been a bit complicated. But I’m back now and I’ve got a few thoughts to share with you. But first: 5 Things.

1) London Fog. It’s an Earl Grey latte with vanilla syrup. I’m so excited that it is finally cold enough to drink warm drinks! And that my favorite local coffee shop (not to be confused with my favorite local bakery/restaurant) make delicious London Fogs.

2) The Library Book Sale. Readers: this is the most epic book sale I have ever experienced. I am missing the opportunity to sit in season ticket seats at an epically big football game this Thursday evening to go to this sale. And I regret nothing.

3) The traditions that mark November and December in our lives. More on this tomorrow.

4) When I figured out what I’ve done wrong on a knitting project, fix it, and then the project works. Such a relief!

5) My mom gifting me a Fraggle Rock stuffed animal as a get well present… Love it!

I know it is Wednesday and not Monday, but you should still play along. What makes you happy today? Your turn!

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