Recipe #3: Tuscan White Bean Soup

Readers, it is soup season.

Soup season: that glorious, magical time when all one needs is olive oil, onion, broth, spices, beans/noodles, cheese, and a loaf of bread and dinner is done. Not only is dinner done, but people can be invited over at a moment’s notice. A pot of soup is perfect for sharing and sharing on short notice if necessary.

Soup season is also concurrent with rosemary season. Technically, at least in this part of the world, herbs aren’t really seasonal. But when the weather turns colder, it is time for rosemary. Basil works best in the summer time with its light, fresh, tomato and mozzarella flavors. Rosemary is heavier and perfect for soup, parmesan cheese, and bread.

This year I inaugurated soup season with all of my favorite parts of soup season: rosemary, cheese, bread, and friends. I made Tuscan White Bean Soup and it was delicious.

I must add a special thanks to the girls who came for dinner for being such lovely company and even helping me work the immersion blender. Our immersion blender is a beautiful thing for making soup, but I’m a little bit terrified of it. Suffice to say my dear husband is the blender for our household. He wasn’t there to enjoy soup at first, but my new graduate school friends were able to step up and help out.

First up, the soup pot:

Next up, the ingredients:

I think my favorite step of soup making is the oil and onions part. Not only does it smell super delicious, it also is the signal a delicious soup is what’s for dinner.

IMG_5409 Then in goes the rest of the ingredients:

Bring it to a boil:

Enjoy the smells, conversations, and prospect of a warm dinner so much you forget to take any more pictures… I promise, it looked, smelled, and tasted delicious!

Soup season is so much my favorite that I think I’m going to do another soup recipe next week…. Here’s hoping it turns out as delicious as it looks!

5 2 books, 4 1 recipes, 3 movies, 2 1 projects, 1 adventure.

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One Response to Recipe #3: Tuscan White Bean Soup

  1. lhathawayh says:

    That looks delicious! I’m making this one this week:
    I’ll let you know how it is. We should start a family recipe swap site.
    Hope you guys are doing well!
    See you soon! šŸ™‚

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