5 Things

1) Soup Season. It is finally cool enough where the thought of a pot of soup on the stove is delightful. My inaugural soup will be white bean soup with parmesan and rosemary… Good stuff.

2) Sitting in the student section at football games. That way I’m not the only one yelling irrationally.

3) My local generic Anabaptist community, complete with restaurant, craft barn, and a fiber craft building. Let’s just say they had a sale on yarn this weekend… Absolutely perfect.

4) My employee discount at my bookstore. Game shirts! Books! Surprises for my dear husband! It’s a wonder I’m making any money at this job…

5) The Muppets. Have we talked about this yet? I don’t think so… I adore all things Muppet. The original movies, the Muppet Show, the new movies… Everything. My favorites are Statler and Waldorf with Kermit coming in a close second. And, of course, Ms. Piggy.

It’s Monday morning, friends. I say we combat that with a happy list: on your mark, get set, go!

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