Project #1: Embroidery

(Just a quick note: I realize we didn’t quite make our “5 books, 4 recipes, 3 movies, 2 projects, 1 adventure” goal in September. But that’s ok: I haven’t got anything better to do for October. So we’re going to pretend September just means “fall 2013” for now. Ok? Ok.)

I suppose I am technically a fiber artist. I hesitate to use the word artist because I feel it has a much weightier meaning than I feel up to proclaiming. But in the most basic sense of the word, I am indeed an artist. I turn long strings of wool, cotton, acrylic (but only if I have to…), silk, and blends thereof into useful and/or beautiful things for other people and for myself. I learned how to knit two years ago and learned how to crochet shortly thereafter. I technically know how to sew, but I have a long way to go before I’ll proclaim the ability to sew. After 2 years of always having some project to work on, I still really love it.

I recently decided to take the plunge and branch out with my fiber skills. I’ve been eyeing the bright colors, fun shapes, and versatility of embroidery and I found the perfect sampler to begin with. I started last Sunday whilst watching the Emmys with some of my graduate school friends and then I continued working this Sunday afternoon as well. It’s a perfect break from my weekly projects and the learning curve is not too bad at all.

I bought the sampler for my birthday and shortly thereafter purchased myself a few colors of embroidery thread from my local big box craft store. These are the colors I have:


I was thinking about adding a few other colors, but my dear husband thinks what I have will be plenty. (He’s the color expert around these parts… Mainly because my sense of color is unconventional at best. For example, when people would ask my what “my colors” were for our wedding, I would routinely answer “all of them…”)
IMG_5387I’ve learned how to do three stitches so far:
IMG_5383 From left to right: split stitch, back stitch, and stem stitch.
(I used this website and this book to help learn how to work these stitches).

I could use those three stitches and complete the whole thing, but I think I’ll try to learn a few more whilst I’m at it.

IMG_5382Here’s my progress so far:


I’m thinking this is going to be a Sabbath project that will serve as a break from frantic Christmas gift knitting as time goes on…

I’m also thinking this guy needs a name: thoughts?

5 4 books, 4 2 recipes, 3 movies, 2 1 projects, 1 adventure.

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