5 Things: Almost Fall Edition

1) My windows are open. They were open all night. The cool morning air is glorious.

2) Long sleeve t-shirts. As some of you may know, if I had my way, I would wear superhero t-shirts and jeans all day every day (with occasional opportunities for formal attire). The only thing I love more than my superhero t-shirts is a long sleeve t-shirt. And friends, the day is coming when I will be able to wear those and not sweat.

3) Falling in love with a good book. Anytime I can get through 100 pages in an hour or so, I know I’ve found a good one.

4) Quiet British movies that seem built for a Sabbath afternoon: Sense and Sensibility was yesterday’s choice.

5) Hugh Laurie’s role in Sense and Sensibility. He has approximately 10 lines and about 8 of them are my favorite.

Your turn!

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