5 Things

This week was a typical work week, followed by an exciting Friday night play, Saturday game-day at work, and a lovely Sabbath ending with a girls’ night/Emmy party. This week looks to be much the same: work with pockets of time in which to blog, crochet, cook, clean, and try to be with people. So let’s get started!

1) Learning a new skill. I tried my hand (pun intended?) at embroidery last night and I really enjoyed it. I used one stitch and made in about 30 times, so I know I have quite a bit more to learn… but I’m excited.

2) Traveling Broadway plays. We saw Peter and the Starcatcher on Friday evening. It was just as good as I remembered it. It is probably in my top 5 favorite stage productions I have ever seen. Possibly even #2 (ranked below Les Miserables…). It’s a “grown-up prequel” to Peter Pan and it includes much laughter, much heart, and even a few tears.

3) Girls’ night in our community of grad students. Let’s just say these girls know how to cook up some delicious food! And they are all, of course, brilliant, witty, and dear girls.

4) Friends who borrow books. I love having a lending library in my living room.

5) Street tacos from a little restaurant in the small town we go to church in. I always get two carnitas and one chicken fajita taco with cilantro and onions… They are delicious. And cheap!

What about you all? We didn’t have a list last week, so now you really have to participate… On your mark, get set, 5 Things go!


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