5 Things

It’s Monday again… Instead of dwelling on how I’m not quite ready for yet another Monday, I’m going to list 5 Things. Play along too, ok?

1) Miami beat Florida this weekend… I may have cheered a bit too loudly at work when I learned this, but I have no shame. Florida lost and that makes my heart happy. Every time.

2) Giraffes. Have we talked about this one? Giraffes are my favorite because they are tall, clumsy, and can’t be their knees, just like me.

3) Living in a college town. The libraries, the sports, the theater, the coffee shops… I will definitely miss living in a college town when we move!

4) When our weekly grocery shopping trip comes in at or under budget. It’s like playing a game and winning!

5) When people come over to our house, comment on one of the books on my (or my dear husband’s) shelf, and a conversation commences because of it. One thing I love about having people over is having a chance to connect over things we both love that we might not have realized otherwise.

Tag, you’re it! Chase away that case of the Mondays and give me 5 Things!

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