I have quite a few dreams for this little space. I have been a blog reader, follower, obsess-er, even connoisseur for a very long time. As with a lot of things in life, I have been an observer for far too long. I have watched and waited, thinking to myself, “I’ll blog when I have more time. I’ll blog when life is calmer. I’ll blog when I have more exciting things to say.” The secret here is that “when life is…” doesn’t exist. Life will never be calmer, more exciting, or more settled than it is now.

This exact phenomenon is why I got my tattoo. When I was 19 (way longer ago than I care to think…), my Aunt Kim, my Uncle Nate, 5 of my best friends, and I went to a tattoo parlor on Daytona Beach. (And yes, ironically, it was Spring Break). I walked in with a bare wrist and a small exclamation point on a piece of paper and walked out with a bandaged wrist. This exclamation point was to remind me to actually do all the things I talked about so often: get a tattoo, study abroad in London, go to graduate school, start a blog. So I believe it is time to invoke the tattoo again: let’s do this blog thing. Regardless of how often I wish I could post, of how often I feel I have nothing to say, of how much more adventurous I think other blogs are… Let’s do this.

With that being said, let’s talk about September. I have a plan for September. I don’t know if we’ve talked about this yet, but I am a planner. I come from a long line of planners: it is both nature and nurture. My plan for September is achievable and adventurous all at the same time. Wanna hear it? 5 books; 4 recipes; 3 movies; 2 projects; 1 adventure. That’s what I want to blog about. And of course we’ll keep up with Happy Lists, try to keep up with weekly photo updates. I’d also like to try and a do a day-in-the-life-of and maybe even branch out with other ideas. But first and foremost, I want to do 5 books, 4 recipes, 3 movies, 2 projects, 1 adventure.

Some of these books will be ones I’ve already read and want to tell you about, some will be Newbery winners, some will be ones I read because I found them in the library. The four recipes will be new to me: I’ll try them, photograph them, and tell you all about them. The three movies will most likely be Disney movies: I’d like to watch more than 3 movies during the month of September, but I want to find 3 I really want to tell you about. I have no idea what the 2 projects will be… I have so many ideas, but – as previously stated- the idea to action process can be a bit complicated for me. They’ll be crafty in nature and my current project of a blanket doesn’t count. (But never fear, I’ll keep you updated with that). My one adventure has yet to be planned. I have a few possibilities and I hope to have more than one adventure in September… but I’m sure I’ll find just the right one to tell you about.

So that’s what I’m thinking for September. August has been good, but crazy. I kept waiting for a rhythm to appear and it never did… Something tells me I’m going to have to make rhythm happen. So let’s do this.

5 books, 4 recipes, 3 movies, 2 projects, 1 adventure.

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