5 Things: First Day of School Edition

The title here is a bit misleading… It is indeed the first day of school for lots of people today, but not for me. I have mixed feelings about not being in school today, but that is a discussion for another post. Let’s instead find 5 things that make me happy this morning, regardless of my lack of student status.

1) Football season is coming. I am a huge proponent (some might say a bit fanatical…) about keeping football season within the confines of football season. The summer is for baseball, the fall is for football. But friends, fall is coming. And it will be glorious.

2) Half price milkshakes at Sonic: peanut butter fudge is decidedly my favorite.

3) The possibility of a new fall rhythm in our household. Summer never really quite got a rhythm and now that school has started, potential abounds!

4) Two person board games and Sunday Night Baseball: perfect Sabbath evenings.

5) New stationery pages to help me keep up with my correspondence. (I’m always far too long-winded for notecards… shocked, I’m sure).

Your turn: what makes you happy today?

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