A Finished Project: My first Sock Monkey!

I am quite excited to share this with you today: I’ve been waiting for weeks before I could show you! I knew I wanted to make something special for my nephew’s first birthday. When he was born, I made him a blanket. This time around I wanted something he could play with, but also something I could make. So I looked around at various patterns and came up with this little guy:

Here he is!

Here he is!

He was a lot of fun to make and a pretty iconic toy that I thought my nephew might have fun with. I forgot to ask my sister-in-law if they settled on a name… we’ll just call him Sock Monkey for now. I followed this pattern and bought the yarn at my local Joann’s.

IMG_5260I just used embroidery thread to make his face after attaching his nose and ears. As usual, things are a bit wonky, but that way you know it was handmade!

He’s got a tail:
IMG_5263And he hopefully will be able to withstand the love and companionship of a one-year old…
We did have some practice sessions before we sent him off:
IMG_5264 IMG_5266Then we tucked him into his box and send him away:
IMG_5267I really enjoyed making him and my sister-in-law said when he opened the box, his first reaction was to give Sock Monkey a hug. I’d say that is a raving review!

Christmas is just around the bend (as far as handmade gifts are concerned) and I suspected I’ll find more stuffed toys to make for my nieces and nephews. They’re quite fun and usually not terribly complicated. And they’re adorable to boot!

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