5 Things

This weekend was a whirlwind, but a lot of fun. My family took us to San Antonio for the weekend where we wandered around, took in the sights, and ate lots of delicious food. Now it is Monday morning, I start a new job in an hour and a half, and this week looks like it will be full of cleaning, reorganizing, and re-entry from a fun weekend.

1) Music from the rides at Disney World. I know we’ve talked about my family and I being Disney nerds and this weekend merely reinforced that point. At a flea market I found 3 records of Disney World music: The Country Bear Jamboree, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a Walt Disney World theme park record. I’m so excited!

2) The Country Bear Jamboree. Sorry if this is redundant, but it really deserves its own entry. I love the corny jokes, the bluegrass music, the folk vibes… It is in my top 5 favorite rides at Disney.

3) Snail Mail. I know you know this already, but these past few weeks I’ve received a lot of mail, birthday and otherwise, and I love it!

4) Having an Einstein Bagels in my student union building. Which is also incidentally across the street from my new job at the bookstore… I’m seeing bagels for lunch in my future!

5) The chaos that is the front of our fridge. From my seat on the couch, I can see wedding invitations, Christmas cards, graduation announcements, prayer cards, drawings by nieces, cousins, and friends, postcards, and magnets. It is a brilliant reminder of all the various people in our lives.

Your turn: what is on your happy list today?

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