Life Update: Photo Style

Here are a few photos of life during the first months of summer:

Thesis Revisions and important questions to consider:Thesis RevisionsTrying to fix a crocheting project:

Unraveled Yarn

Passion Tea at home:Passion Tea

Homemade Chai Concentrate:Homemade ChaiBaby Hats for a cousin:

Baby HatsChick-fil-a in celebration:Chick-fil-aBest thing about my parents’ new house? Stove-top s’mores!:

Stove S'MoresMac and Cheese at our favorite local lunch spot:

Lula Jane's Mac and CheeseCoffee and Board Games. Coffee Shops aren’t just for homework anymore!:Ticket to Ride AsiaA pile of yarn that represents a new crochet project: a blanket for myself!: Blanket Yarn
As the summer winds down (!), I find myself with more time to blog, read, crochet/knit, and generally adventure without worrying about any graduate school work. I am officially finished with my thesis and will graduate with my Masters degree in a few short weeks. The freedom to do what I want has been glorious and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

What have you been up to these past few weeks of summer?

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